Endoscopic Spine Surgery in mumbai

Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Slipped disc is one of the most common causes of back and leg pain. Majority of patients get better with physiotherapy. Traditional surgery for prolapsed disc entails dissection of muscles, bone and ligament removal. Commonly used techniques are microdiscectomy (using microscope), MED ( using tubes and microscope). However, since these techniques entail removal of normal anatomical structures it may lead to more post operative pain, infection, bleeding and longer recovery

Endoscopic spine surgery is a keyhole surgery mainly used to treat slipped discs. Other conditions like spinal stenosis, facet rhizolysis and spinal fusions are also treated using endoscopic techniques.

It is done either using an interlaminar approach or percutaneous transforminal approach. A single stab incision is taken and a 3.5- 4mm endoscope is inserted at the pathological level. Whole surgery is done through this endoscope with visualization on a high definition TV . Transforaminal approach can be done under local anesthesia. Patients are discharged the same day.

Advantages :
  • Stab incision, reduced pain, faster recovery, minimal blood loss, reduced infection risks
  • Sticthless surgery, cosmetically appealing
  • Muscle dilating
  • Can be done under LA
  • No bone removal
  • Day care procedure hence - Reduced hospital costs
  • Results equivalent to tube surgery
  • Minimal chances of dural tear
Endoscopic Spine Surgery

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